April Hurst is the Founder and CEO of Great Lives Work, a personal development and leadership consulting company focused on helping individuals and business owners LIVE GREAT LIVES. April began her career in the advertising and marketing field developing ad campaigns for multi-million dollar companies like PepsiCo/Quaker, General Mills and KAO Brands. She later worked in the human resources communications field creating employment branding for Fortune 500 companies to attract and retain talent. Additionally, since 2016, April has led the business growth and associate development efforts as the Ohio Network Vice President for LegalShield, one of North America’s leading providers of legal safeguards and identity theft protection for individuals small business and employer groups. With her 16 years of  experience, April has combined her marketing, sales, personal development and human resources knowledge into a platform to help leaders live extraordinary lives. April is also a two-time Toastmasters International Champion and has always had a passion for public speaking and helping others realize their full potential.

Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City 2018, Audience: 8,000
Breakout Session, Audience: 2,000
Chicago, IL Corporate Training Event, Audience: 80
Breakout Session, Nashville, TN, Audience: 4,000